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11th July 20
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Year 1

Welcome to Year 1

The Class Teacher is Mrs Seed.

Our Teaching Assistant is Miss Myers.

Home Learning - English Work - Summer Term


Here is some of the amazing Year One ENGLISH work for this term!

Home Learning - Maths Work - Summer Term


Let's take a look at some of the amazing MATHS work for the summer term!

Home Learning - Topic Work - Summer Term


See our amazing Topic work during the summer term!!

Miss Myers is reading...


I am reading The Magic Faraway Tree Collection by Enid Blyton.

The book has THREE stories inside it and they are all about the same characters.

I only started reading it last night but so far I've found out that there is an ENCHANTED WOOD right next to the house of the children in it. It sounds amazing and I can not wait to read some more about what is going to happen in the enchanted wood. The wood sounds like it might be magical. The children in the story said they could hear the trees talking to each other. They were saying "wisha-wisha-wisha-wisha" - I wonder what they were saying to each other?

What do you think might happen in the Enchanted Wood? Can you think of some good describing words for the wood? What do you think the trees might be talking about?

Leave me a comment below. Maybe you could tell me about what you are reading at the moment?


I'm still reading this book, it is a very long book. What are you all reading Year One?
Miss Myers - June 12, 2020, 2:44 pm

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Home Learning - English


Below are even more photographs of our amazing ENGLISH learning!

Home Learning - Maths


Here are some more photographs of the amazing MATHS work we have been doing!

Home Learning - Topic


The photographs below are some examples of our TOPIC work.

Our topic is called "The Great Outdoors".

Home Learning - Maths


See the photographs below of our amazing home MATHS learning

Home Learning - English


See the photographs below of our amazing ENGLISH home learning

This is our PIRATE and BILLY GOAT GRUFF work

Home Learning - Phonics


See the photographs below of our amazing PHONICS home learning

Home Learning - P.E


See the photographs below of our amazing PE home learning

The BALANCING challenge - who can balance on one leg?


Home Learning - Topic


See the photographs below of our amazing TOPIC home learning

Our work on PIRATES

Home Learning - Topic


See the photographs below of our amazing TOPIC home learning

Our work on PLANTS

Barton Grange - 10th March 2020


We visited Barton Grange today.

One of our activities was learning about different types of fruits and vegetables. We learnt carrots are not always orange and that strawberries can have up to 200 seeds on the outside of them.

See the pictures of our colouring and learning actvity.

Barton Grange - 10th March 2020


We got to plant seeds at the garden centre today.

See the photographs of our planting activity.

Barton Grange - 10th March 2020


The third activity was a tour of the garden centre. 

We learnt that bees help strawberries to grow, and that if we stand very still a bee will not sting us.


World Book Day - 5th March 2020


French Art Work - February 2020


Roberto, Asia and their parents visited our school from France.

During their visit, we learnt about a french artist called Henri Rousseau. We talked about his paintings and had a go at painting our own version of one of his paintings.

We used the paintings as backing for this display because all of the paintings were amazing and we couldn't choose any single ones to put on the wall.

Percy the Park Keeper - Roleplay


As part of our literacy topic this half term, we are reading The Treasure Hunt by Nick Butterworth. This is a book from the Percy the Park Keeper series.

We have been making predictions about what will happen next in the story.

We worked in pairs and did some roleplay. One of us played Percy and the other was one of the animal characters. The animal had to ask Percy some questions and Percy had to reply with some predictions about what might happen. We took it in turns so that we all had a turn at being Percy and the animal.

See some of our paired photographs below.

Our Class Book - Spring Term 2


Internet Safety Day


On Internet Safety Day 2020, we got to take part in lots of different activities that were teaching us about how to stay safe online. 

Check out some of our photographs.


Best Handwriting Winner


CONGRATULATIONS to Ester for winning the

Best Overall Handwriting

Ester's handwriting is consistently amazing. She remembers to include all the lead-ins, kicks and flicks that will help her learn how to use joined up-handwriting.

The year one teachers had a really hard time choosing just one person as there was lots of fantastic handwriting from all of the class.

Most Improved Handwriting Winner


CONGRATULATIONS to Ziyad for winning the

Most Improved Handwriting

We have seen amazing progress from Ziyad, not only in his handwriting but the amount of writing that he does. 

The year one teachers had a really hard time choosing just one person as there was lots of fantastic handwriting from all of the class.

Computing - We Are Treasure Hunters


In this unit the children used map reading coordination and programming skills to guide a BeeBot around a treasure map. We learnt about algorithms and how we can form a sequence of movements to move the programmable BeeBot toy around the treasure map. 

Forest Visit - 23rd January 2020


Today was our second visit to the Forest this term.

It was still really cold we wrapped up extra warm and walked in pairs to the forest.

Once at the forest, we talked about the seasons. We talked about the different colours found during winter - brown, green, orange. We found items in the forest that were different colours.

See our photographs below of the fun we had.

Computing - We are Collectors


We used web search engines to collect pictures of different types of animals and then explored ways in which those pictures can be organised. We sorted pictures into categories using the Keynote App on our iPads.

Homework Challenge - Robots


As part of our homework, one of the challenges is to build or create a model of a robot.

We have had lots of designs brought in so far, the photographs are below for some of our models.

Robot Building


As part of our topic about Robots, we have been creating our own robot designs using the various different materials and resources in the classroom. 

Take a look at some of our designs in the photgraphs below.

Maths Learning


In Maths we have been looking at shape

We used peg boards to make 2D shapes. We then tried to move one or two pegs to make different shapes.

Take a look at the photographs below of us working together.

In Other News - Reading and Homework


As a class, we have been looking at ways that we can improve the amount of children that do their reading at home every day and remember to bring their homework in to school every week.

We have decided that for every day the children read at home they can earn 5 DOJO POINTS and an additional 5 DOJO POINTS for bringing in their homework each week - that is a massive total of 40 DOJO POINTS a week, before we even start adding additional points during the day.

Reading is so important for the children. It helps them with many different areas of their lives. Reading helps extend and enhance the children's language and communication skills and also their writing.

The children do not need to read the whole book in one night, around 10 to 15 minutes of reading is more than enough, especially in Year One. Not only do they enjoy the time they get to spend sitting and reading with a grown-up, but it really does enchance their learning.

If your child is struggling with what they are reading, please do help them out. Mix up the ways you read with them, take turns at reading pages or read in silly voices - as long as your child is reading anything works.

This Week - 13th to 17th January 2020


This week in our class we have been looking at lots of different things.

In maths, we have looked at place value and identifying the tens and units in numbers up to 100. Some of us even tried working it out for numbers past 100.

We have also been looking at one more and one less than numbers up to 100. Some children were also looking at ten more and ten less.

In English this week, we have been continuing with our story about "No-Bot the Robot with No Bottom" by Sue Hendra.

We have been looking at sequencing - placing events from the story into the order that they appear in the story. We used sentence strips from the story and drew some pictures to match.

On Thursday afternoon we had a special treat as a class. Mrs Butt came into our class and taught us for the afternoon. We practiced a new way to take the afternoon register and we looked at robots on the whiteboard. Mrs Butt taught us how to make our own line drawings of robots, some of these drawings will be going up on display outside of the classroom soon. We had lots of fun and we hope that Mrs Butt will come and teach us again soon! Thank you Mrs Butt for the wonderful art lesson.

Our Class Book - Spring Term 1


Our class book for this half-term is

"No-Bot the Robot with No Bottom"

by Sue Hendra

Bernard is a Robot who loses his bottom whilst on the park.

We have listened to the story and done a lot of work based around the topic of Robots.

Forest Visit - 9th January 2020


This afternoon we went to the FOREST.

We wrapped up warm with lots of layers on because it was very cold. The forest was very muddy so it was a good job we had old clothes and wellies or suitable shoes on.

As part of our SCIENCE for this term, we are learning about MATERIALS and their PROPERTIES. In class, before we went to the forest, we had been looking at some different objects and having a go at guessing what material they were made from.

While at the forest, our school forest teacher Mrs Hays asked us to find and collect items of different materials. First of all we had to find something shiny and something rough, then we had to find a big leaf and a small leaf. For our final challenge, we had to find something natural and something man-made. With the help of our friends, teachers and volunteers we managaed to find lots of different items.

We had lots of fun and can't wait to go back to the forest on the 23rd January for some more amazing learning.

See some of our wonderful photographs from the afternoon below.

Who Am I? Treasure Hunt


Today we started our new topic of Robots in English.

In pairs, the children had to search the classroom for body parts, draw them on a whiteboard and see if they could figure out what the body parts belonged to.

Christmas Jumper Day 2019


Thank you to all of Year One children, parents and carers.

The children looked amazing in all their Christmas Jumpers today!

Wishing all of you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Year One

Baking Homework


In connection with our Great Fire of London topic, one of our homeworks is for us to do some baking of our own. The fire started in a baker's shop after all. We are learning how to follow multiple instructions, so a recipe is a fabulous way of doing this.

Some children have already completed this homework. We have been lucky enough in class to be able to sample some of the tasty baking our friends have been doing.

Feel free to do some baking and take a photograph or draw a picture of what you have made. You could also bring some in to class, but it is completely up to you.

The Great Fire of London


The Great Fire of London is our new English topic.

We have been doing lots of new learning in class about the event and have looked at it in various different ways. We have watched a video, read books and studied a poem. We have even had a go at writing our own poem using some fabulous "ed" words like boomed and blazed.

One of our homeworks for this half term is to create a model or drawing showing the Great Fire of London. We have had some amazing models already brought in. Mrs Seed and Miss Myers can't wait to see what else we can create.

The Christmas Play


This week we have all been given our parts and lines in the Christmas play.

Our lines have been sent home for us all to learn.

If we need specific clothes, a letter has been sent home to advise what outfits we will need.

We have been busy in class practising and learning our new songs. Full scale performance rehearsals start on Monday (25th November). Stay tuned for more information regarding the live performances.

Money, Money Money


This week in maths we have been learning all about money.

We have been learning what the different coins are and having a first look at how we would work out whether we have enough money to buy something. 

The children were all fantastic and tried very hard to work out the correct amounts of money.

Please help us to keep learning by letting us help out when going to the shops.


Volume and Capacity Maths - 11th November 2019


Today in our maths lesson we were learning all about Volume and Capacity. Mrs Seed told us that we had been learning about this in Reception last year but we may not have realised at the time. We weren't sure whether we believed her until she started talking about keywords we needed to learn:

Half Full, Full, Empty, Nearly Empty, Less, More

We realised that some of these words also linked to our work on fractions from last week.

To help us understand more about volume and capacity, we had the chance to have a practical go at filling our containers. We could use orbeez, green water or red water to fill a container. We were all able to explain how we had filled our container using some of the keywords. We made a lot of mess and had a lot of fun during this activity.

As an extra special treat, the orbeez and the containers were left out during the afternoon for us all to do some more experimenting.

Mini Skills Competition - WINNERS!


Three children from our class (and some year two children) were chosen by the school PE teachers to attend and take part in a mini skills competition on Thursday 7th November 2019.

The children returned to school later that day and had some fabulous news to tell us.


The mini skills team won the event. All of their extra training at the mini skills after school club was worth the effort. All the children that participated in the event from Eldon Primary School were awarded with a medal for their efforts.

Reading Buddies


As part of Eldon Primary School's focus on reading this year, the children have been given reading buddies by the class teacher. Each child has received an animal finger puppet. The reading buddies have advised the children that they want them to:

  • read as often as possible - both at home and at school
  • take the reading buddies with them whenever they may be reading at school
  • keep noise levels low - the buddies get scared if there is too much noise (unless its reading noise of course)

The children are to keep their reading buddies at school in their trays so that they can get them whenever they need to. 

Parents - if your child brings their reading buddy home by mistake, please send them back into school as soon as possible.

Class Singing


In Year One we really enjoy singing. We have a whole school singing assembly on a Monday afternoon but inbetween we like to practise the songs in class. Sometimes, if we are singing really well, some of us are given inflatable microphones to sing with.

Repeating Patterns

Posted: 1st Nov 2019

This week in maths we have been looking at recognising and making repeating patterns



Eldon House


Year 1 have been learning all about the Body and Senses in Science this half-term. At Eldon House they explored the different rooms to discover what they could see, hear and touch. We also labelled the body and discussed which parts of the body are associated with each sense perception.

Our First Big Write (September 2019)


We have had lots of fun settling into Year One.

One of our favourite things so far has been doing a "Big Write". We learnt that a big write is an INDEPENDENT piece of writing. We must work on our own and do our best handwriting ever. We will be doing lots of these over the coming year.

See our photos of us hard at work.


Retelling A Story - 24th September 2019


Little Red Riding Hood - Retelling the story

In our literacy work this term, we are looking at Traditional Tales. Today we have been working in groups to retell the story of Little Red Riding Hood.

We used different puppets to help us talk about the story.


Open the Book Visit - 26th September 2019


Today the children had some surprise visitors in school.

Members of "Open the Book" from Emmanuel Church came into school in the afternoon as a treat for the children. The group put on a fabulous dramatisation of a Bible Story for Year One, Year Two and Reception.

Handwriting and Harmonies - 27th September 2019


We discovered that having some music playing in the background while completing our handwriting work helps us to concentrate and work even harder.

Today, we had a sing-a-long of some of our Assembly songs while doing our handwriting.

Once Upon A Time - Week Commencing 30th September 2019


In English this term we have been looking at Fairy Tales. We have read different Fairy Tales and have had a go at writing our own.

Reading and Science with Year Four


Today in Year One we had a visit from Year Four. The class teacher, Miss Richmond, and all of the children came down to Year One to look at and read some books in small groups. Some of the children also got a turn playing a maths board game with electrical circuits.

Our Week - 7th to 11th October 2019


In English, we are looking at NURSERY RHYMES. We have listened to different Nursery Rhymes and tried to form our own opinions about which ones we liked or didn't like. We even talked about reasons why we liked or disliked something. We have looked at rhyming words and had a go at writing sentences that contain rhyming words.

See the medley video here: https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p07p5xr9

In Maths, we have been looking at using a Number Line to work out the difference between two numbers. We have also used towers of cubes as an alternative way of working out differences.

In RE, we have been looking at Why People Pray. We have seen photographs and videos of different ways that people pray - candles, rosary beads etc.

In Computing, we have been doing some more work on our Science topic of Animals. We have used a child-safe internet search engine called Kiddle.co (which can be accessed from home if anyone wanted to use it) to find photographs of different animals. We have been learning how to copy and paste the photographs into different documents.


Reading in Year One


In school this year, we are focusing on improving everyones Reading habits.

It is important to read because it helps us learn lots of new things and will also assist with other areas of our work (such as the content we put into our written work).

In Year One, the children are required to read THREE TIMES a week, but will benefit even more from reading EVERY DAY. For each day the children read, they are rewarded with 2 dojo points. For the children that read SIX or more times a week, they get a bonus 5 dojo points for being a FULL WEEK READER. 

We are more than happy for the children to read with anyone around the home - Mums, Dads, Grandmas, Grandads, Aunties and Uncles even older Brothers and Sisters. As long as the children read and they are enjoying it we don't mind. The most important thing for school is to read as much as possible and to remember to always bring our reading books and diaries to school each day.

We have six volunteers, who come in to listen to the children read. Everyone comes in on a Thursday and a large percentage of the children get to read to an adult.

Four of these volunteers are exclusively available to our class - no one else in the school is lucky enough to have a special reading experience in our 4D room. The walls are decorated with calming images related to reading and the children get to read away from the distractions of the classroom.

Some Monday afternoons, we have a special visitor from Emmanuel Church. They come in regularly to read the class a story. They always bring a fun story that the children enjoy and the story-telling experience is amazing. The children are always laughing and joining in with the story.


DEAR Reading


Drop Everything And Read

After the half-term holidays, we are going to try a new reading initiative. The scheme is called "DEAR reading".

DEAR reading will be implemented once a week. ALL of the children AND the staff in the classroom will STOP everything they are doing and read for a period of around 10-20 minutes. The children will be given the choice of reading a book from the classroom Reading Corner, their home reading book or they may even wish to bring in a book from home (please make sure any books sent in have your child's name written in). The staff in the classroom will also be joining in. It is beneficial for the children to see that the adults are also reading regularly as it helps to show them how important reading is for development.

Maybe this is something you'd like to do at home?

Feel free to leave us a comment below about what you like to read.


I like to read Harry Potter books in my spare time. My favourite book of all time is Alice in Wonderland.
Miss Myers - October 11, 2019, 7:57 pm

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Inspirational People - Gok Wan


We were given Gok Wan as one of two Inspirational People to be displayed in our classroom.

We learnt about who Gok Wan is and why he is inspirational.

We felt inspired to create our own range of fashion.

Inspirational People - John Legend


John Legend was the second of the two Inspirational People given to our class.

We learnt about who he was and what he did that made him an inspirational person. At the start, none of us had heard of him but we soon found out that he sang a song from a film we had seen - "Beauty and the Beast".

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z6ibRvPO_3k (Video to the song)

We all sang the song, we even tried it where the girls and the boys sang the male and female verses separately. We had a lot of fun singing the song.

We felt inspired to create some "Beauty and The Beast" related work.

We designed wedding outfits for Belle and the Beast. We worked on some Beauty and the Beast colouring pages too.

End of Half-Term Party - 16/10/2019


During the last seven weeks, we have been trying our best to earn some rewards for a party.

We could earn ONE party item every time we met one of the following areas:

100% Attendance in one week
Everyone in the class managed to read three times
Everyone had a full school uniform on
Everyone had their P.E Kits in school
Everyone completed their weekly homework
Everyone had behaved really well

We did really well this half-term and have earned the following for our party:

Wearing our pyjama's AND bringing in a teddy if we want
Music and Dancing
Film Time
Pass the Parcel

We hope everyone has a lovely half-term and returns feeling refreshed ready for more learning