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11th July 20
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Eldon Nursery

Welcome to Nursery

Our Nursery Teacher is Miss Threlfall. 

The Early Years Professional is Mrs Ireton.

Our Teaching Assistants are Miss Batan and Mrs Singh.


Look at what Nursery have been up to while we have been learning at home! 

Reading Monsters :  file (1920.4k)

Nursery would like to show off our Reading Monsters. At the end of every week they choose a child who they would like to go home with for the weekend. They take a story book and their diary so they can tell us all about the fantastic time they have with the children and the super reading that the children do. One of them has even been to Magaluf! Take a look at all the exciting things our monsters and children have been doing.

Nursery enjoyed a woodland adventure this morning, much like the hibernating animals weve been learning about all week. 

We listened to Percy the Park keeper stories, went on a woodland walk and slept underneath the autumn leaves. 

we also looked at all the different stories about Percy the Park keeper, and the children were able to remember some of the characters and different facts about the stories. 

Mystery Guest Reader


Nursery invited mystery guest reader – Mr Aspinall to the 4D Room to read their latest story all about dinosaurs. The children sat with a Tyrannosaurus Rex and were surrounded by other dinosaurs from the Jurassic period as they listened to the story.



We can take turns! In this activity, we used a creative app to create pictures and patterns by touching the screen. They learnt the importance of taking turns with their partner when undertaking the activity.



Nursery having begun studying Minibeast. We used our programmable toys the BeeBots to move around a grid and hunt for minibeasts. The children learnt basic coding and algorithms. 



We have been busy using Bee Bot programming toys in Nursery. The toys have helped the children to grasp a basic understanding of algorithms which are used to help program the electronic toy through inputing a sequence of commands. We guided our beebots through mazes once we understood how to use them.