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19th September 20
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Our School

Headteacher's Welcome


We warmly welcome you to Eldon Primary School. We hope your child will have a happy and calm start and we look forward to working together with you to provide a successful beginning to your child’s education.

Eldon Primary School currently has 250 pupils on roll. We are extremely fortunate to be able to offer quality learning provision for children as young as two years old in our onsite Nursery class. Currently there are eight classes located in our impressive Victorian building, which is 134 years old this year! Following several years of ongoing building works, the school’s facilities are in tune with our children’s modern needs and suited well to delivering an exciting and bespoke curriculum. Facilities as a 4D Immersive Room, Radio Station, Eldon Forest and Eldon House, as well as our latest escapade… Eldon TV, make us a pretty impressive and unique school! I am delighted to say that the schools community is very proud of the local, regional and national accolades. These are a true testimony to the hardworking staff teams, pupils, parents, Governors and our wider community.

At Eldon Primary we aim to maximise children’s achievement by removing barriers to learning through a varied, inclusive curriculum delivered in a safe, stimulating environment. The success of this approach can be seen not just in the fantastic academic results our children achieve, but also in the confidence and enthusiasm for learning our well-rounded children exude.

As a primary school, we believe we have a key role in society in combating discrimination and promoting fairness, justice and equality through our teaching and in the role models we offer. We believe our children’s successes affirm this work and are passionate about ensuring they own these values. We welcome families to come and visit our school and see the children enjoying their learning.

We hope the information contained on this website will help you to understand more about starting at Eldon Primary School. If you would like to know more you are welcome to visit us by contacting the school to make an appointment.

Catherine Howlett (Office Bursar), Vicky Smith (Secretary) and Sarah Nuttall (Office Administrator) are the persons responsible for dealing with queries from parents, carers and members of the public.

I look forward to meeting you and your child and welcoming you at Eldon Primary School.

Azra Butt

Head Teacher

Meet the team


Headteacher - Mrs Azra Butt

Deputy Headteacher Mr James Moss

Deputy Headteacher Mrs Natasha Sandland

Nursery       -  Teacher - Miss Emma Threlfall

                                     - Mrs Louise Ireton

                    -  Nursery Practitioners -  Mrs Raj Singh and Ms Zibya Batan                  

Reception     - Teacher - Miss Bethany Pearson

                    - Teaching Assistants - Mrs Lynne Brooks and Mrs Laura Green,                            Mrs Katie Willacy     

Year 1          -  Teachers - Mrs Anna Seed

                    - Teaching Assistant -  Miss Joanne Myers

Year 2          - Teacher - Mrs Natasha Sandland

                    - NQT - Miss Nicole Hamer

Year 3          - Teacher - Mr James Moss

                    - Teaching Assistant - Miss Angela Calvert                           

Year 4          - Teacher - Mrs Brooke Richmond

                     - Teaching Assistant - Miss Alex Darby

Year 5           - Teacher - Mrs Emma Stevens

                     - Teaching Assistant Miss Vohra                            

Year 6           - Teacher - Miss Caroline Lightfoot

                     - Teaching Assistant - Mrs Pam Munro.

PE Teachers  - Mrs Joanne Perry

                      - Mrs Laura Dixon 

ICT and Computing Manager- Mr Aspinall

Learning Mentor - Miss Kirstin Tomlinson

Office Staff - Mrs Catherine Howlett, Mrs Vicky Smith and Mrs Sarah Nuttall

Site Supervisor - Mr Paul Breakell

Cleaners -Mrs Ashma Bham, Ms Paula Robinson, Mr Paul Breakell, Sameera Bham

Welfare Staff- Mrs Farhana Bhatia, Mrs Ashma Bham, Mrs Tasneem Patel, Mrs Sherbanu Member, Mr Paul Breakell, Nazma Patel 

Lollipop Person- Ms Paula Robinson