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29th May 17

Welcome to Eldon Primary School             LEP SCHOOL OF THE YEAR...FOR TWO CONSECUTIVE YEARS!                                Eldon expects the best...Let's be the best that we can be!






Parent Pay

Details of ‘ParentPay’ have been sent out this week. Mrs Kenyon in the office has sent out a letter with details of how you can pay for dinners, trips, breakfast club, after school club and nursery fees through a secure account. This will save you and the office staff valuable time. Please read the letter carefully and follow the instructions to log on and activate your account. We will go live with ‘ParentPay’ on 5th June! Some families owe the school money. Please can we pay any outstanding monies by 9th June at the latest.

Eldon App

We are pleased to let you know that we now have a new school App that you can download for free from either the Apple or Google Play app stores.

You can download the app by searching for “Eldon Primary” and download the app that displays our school logo.

Please make sure that you complete the ‘Register Form’ the first time you download the app.

The app provides instant access to term dates, events, newsletters, booking forms, links to the school website, absence form and many more features.

We will also be using the app to send out ‘push notifications’. These are messages that are sent directly to all those parents that have downloaded the app. As push notifications are free for us to send, this may replace our text messaging service at some point.

KS1 tests

Well done everyone in Year 2! Children and teachers have worked extreme-ly hard to complete the KS1 tests this week. You have all done amazingly well!
A huge thank you to parents too who have helped and worked with us too! :)

Coming soon: Online payments to school with ParentPay!

Starting week commencing Monday 5th June, we will be introducing a more convenient way to pay for school lunches, trips, after school club, breakfast club and nursery fees online, using a secure service called ParentPay.

ParentPay will be live at school on Monday 5th June 2017. From this date, we will be working towards ideally no longer accepting cash and cheque payments, eventually making the school a cash-free environment.

Internet safety course

Our Internet Safety Course went down a treat this week. A handful of parents and Governors accessed the training. We hope to run this course again next term because of the importance of keeping safe on line. Hopefully it will be an afternoon course and more parents will be able to attend!

New Learning Mentor appointment

I am thrilled to say that we have appointed a new Learning Mentor who will start with us after the half term break. Ms Kirstin Tomlinson will begin her work with us on the first day back after half term. I know many of you will want to meet her. Referral forms will be available for families who want to refer their child for additional sessions.

Amazing learning in our forest!

Year 1 have had some amazing learning in our forest! Mrs Denise Hays our Forest Schools Teacher is leading the sessions. The children learned about the different types of trees and made a book mark so they could recognise the leaves and their sources! AMAZING!


Our Yr6 pupils have done us, themselves and their families proud!
22 pupils got their heads down and worked solidly in their end of Key Stage and statutory tests this week. They supported each other and this has strengthened their bond further! I am so very proud of the children and teachers who have worked so very hard. A HUGE thank you to our families who have worked with us to ensure that the children have tried their very best. As a school, this is the moto that we strive by … every day of the week! The children are out enjoying a well deserved treat this morning and plenty more treats have been booked for the children so that they can celebrate in style! Year 2 are also well on the way with their tests too. We wish everyone the best of luck for their forthcoming tests.

Pride Award

Our celebration assembly saw Lewis Wright achieve our coveted PRIDE Award in front of family, children and staff! Lewis has an amazingly wonderful manner and he never gives up! Well done Lewis we are very proud of you!

PNE Penalty Shoot Out

Our footballers represented our school in the PNE penalty shoot out competition! They came 3rd from all the schools in the area and did us proud!

Skipping Workshop

On Wednesday 26th April the whole school took part in a ‘skipping workshop’ and everyone enjoyed learning different tricks with a basic skipping rope. It was amazing to see the variety of skills the children had learned in their sessions.
We enjoyed watching all the different skills in assembly. Please do encourage your child to skip as it is a good way of keeping healthy and having fun!

Eldon House!

Eldon House has been a really exciting venture so far! The children have enjoyed visiting it this week and have been thinking about some great ideas of what to do with our new learning resource for developing ‘Life Skills’.

Show racism the Red card’ message

Thank you Year 5 children for sharing the very important ‘show racism the Red card’ message. We celebrate 19 different languages in our school and we all get along very well. However, it’s always good to be reminded about our high expectations which enable us to treat each other with respect.
Please visit our twitter feed for photo's of what we have been up to this week.

Special Delivery To Help Develop Life Skills

We had a HUGE surprise in our Friday assembly this morning when had a very special delivery by our postman! On the occasion of the school’s 131st birthday we had a mystery parcel containing some keys delivered to the school. Lainee (Yr2), Jasmine (Yr3) helped to open the package. We discovered that the keys belonged to a house on Henderson Street and this is now part of our school. How exciting! The children had amazing ideas as to what we can do with our new property and the best ideas will be used to enhance learning for all of our children to help develop Life Skills! Watch this space for more details!


Parents / carers ...please continue to HELP! Please could we also help to improve on punctuality!

Attendance this week!
Attendance within school was 95.1%
The best class was Yr 3 with 98.3%
Well Done!
Other Classes:
Rec: 92.3%
Year 1: 97.5%
Year 2: 95.2%
Year 2/3: 94.4%
Year 4: 89.6%
Year 5: 98%
Year 6: 95.7%

Well Done!
Whole School Attendance since start of term—95.2%

Athelete Abigail Visited

Please visit our twitter feed for photo's of what we have been up to this week. Our visiting Olympic Athlete Long Jumper Abigail Irozuru enthused children on Wednesday and everyone was inspired to work hard and achieve their aims and ambitions both sporting and otherwise.

Homework continues to triumph at Eldon!

Yr 2/3 have made brilliant models of ‘extreme earth’ including tsunamis and earthquakes! Keep sending in your family projects. They have been so diverse and creative!

Inter-School Maths Competition/ Netball

Most Able Maths Competition
Thursday 23rd March
Our mathematicians won a ‘most able’ inter-school maths competition! Katrina, Mohammed Raza, Huzaifa and Ismail represented Eldon and won the inter-school competition hosted by Eldon this week!Eldon’s Inter– School
Our Maths 24 game attracted 5
local schools: St. Anthony’s, Catforth Primary, Ashton Primary, Holme Slack & Eldon and thank you Moor Park for being the adjudicators! Well done pupils at Eldon for winning!
Thank you Mr Moss for organising this event!

Our netballers continued their winning streak; they have won the last 3 Netball matches! Well done to the netball team!

Early Years Team Awarded Step Into Quality Mark

Our Early Years Team are celebrating! They have been awarded the Step Into Quality Mark award which was led by Mrs Satti. Mrs Turton and her team have worked hard to revamp the Early Years and it is wonderful that they have been accredited with this award.

Some Of Our Children Are Real Life Published Authors!

Did you know that some of our children are going to be real-life published authors? Some of our junior children entered a competition and they have had their stories accepted for a book – please check book bags just in case you have received notification of this, infant children will find out shortly if they have been successful.

Leadership Team of the Year!

AMAZING NEWS!!!! Our Leadership Team...Mr Moss (Deputy Head Teacher), Mrs Sandland (Assistant Head Teacher) and myself all received a wonderful honour! We are ‘The Leadership Team of the Year!’ in the Northwest Educate Awards!!!! The children, teachers, staff, parents, Governors and of course the SLT are all delighted that the hard work over the past six years has been recognised. Many of you who have been part of this journey know first hand the many wonderful changes we have introduced, which has made our school community thrive! We will stop and pause for a while, whilst enjoying this wonderful ‘milestone’ but you probably already know that the momentum at Eldon will continue as we have so much more to accomplish for our community and your AMAZING children. I will pass on your congratulations to ALL the staff and pupils in school and our Governors as it is a HUGE team effort that have enabled us to achieve what we have with this award. Thank you parents for working with us to make Eldon the very special place that it is!


Great news about another award!
We have been externally assessed and our teaching of Science has won a GOLD award!

This is our first academic award!
Well done all the teachers and in particular Mrs Sandland for co-ordinating Science so very well!

Would you like to listen to the story Of ‘The Fox and the Ghost King?’

Go onto ‘Broadcasts’ on the bottom right of our website page and you will hear the teachers read the story for you!

Year 4 Dance Competition

Yr 4 are out taking their Dance spectacular to a dance competition. They will be dancing to our story of the Fox and the Ghost King! Amazing—good luck Year 4!

Farewell Miss Hyett!

Miss Hyett is leaving to train as a HLTA in another school.


Good to be Me’ themed week and Super Learning day

Next week we are looking forward to our ‘It’s Good to be Me’ themed week.
With the trials of daily life it is important to STOP and appreciate who we are!
The teachers and children have planned an array of activities to do just that. To complete our week, we have a Super Learning Day on Friday 26th May. Children will need to wear their Super Learning T-shirts over the top of their uniforms. We will be asking children to bring in a photograph of their families to celebrate our diverse and unique identities—so we can be proud of who we are! Please see below for our activities!
Super Learning Day
It’s Good to be Me and Life Skills!
26th May 2017
Are you ready for this?
Is your t-shirt ready?
Buy one from the office if you need to!
Activities for the week:
 Secret Friend;
 Re-lunch Bubble Time;
 Talk Partners;
 My Family Selfie;
 Our Emoji Stories;
 Our feelings and why its good to talk;
 Peer Massage;

Summer Fair! Saturday 17th June 2017

Everyone welcome! HELP NEEDED!
Please send in the following:
w/b: 5th June ...bottles for our ‘bottle stall’
w/b: 12th June...chocolate for our chocolate tombola
Stalls So Far…
Tea/ Coffee/ Pizza/ Hot dogs / Ice Pops
Henna Hands / Glitter Fingers

General Election Thursday 8th June

Unfortunately, since school is used as a polling station, school will be closed to all children. I have risk assessed if school could some how stay open, but the risks cannot be reduced without compromising safety. All staff will be in to undertake training as this is an additional unavoidable closure.

Diary Dates

April 2017

Tuesday 18th—School re-opens after Easter
24th— Eldon’s 131st Birthday
24th— Clubs Resume
26th— Skipping Workshop
27th—Year 1 attending Forest Schools learning

May 2017

1st—May Day Break School Closed
4th—INSET Day due to Polling Day—school closed
8th May onwards—SATs week for Yr6 children
22nd—It’s Good to be Me Themed Week!
23rd— E-Safety for parents course
29th— 4th June HALF TERM week
June 2017
5th—School reopens
9th—Yr5 Class Assembly
12th June—Year 1 Phonics tests
16th Yr4 Class Assembly
23rd Yr3 Class Assembly
26th—Year 6 Residential to Winmarleigh Hall
28th—Rec Induction Meeting
30th Yr1 Class Assembly

July 2017

3rd—Healthy Fortnight and Life Skills
3rd—Move Up Day
5th—Sports Day at Cottom Arena
7th—Yr2 Class Assembly
10th—last week for clubs
12th—Rec Induction Meeting
14th—Class Ass Yr3/2
20th—Class Ass Reception Class
21st—Yr6 Leavers Assembly


Clubs start next week, Monday 24th April!
All clubs resume from next week. Please keep a list of your children’s clubs at home and then you can keep up with these.

Have you downloaded our new ParentApp?

It’s easy and free!
Keep up to date with news and events
direct from the school!
See pictures as they happen!
Please see the letter coming home today for details! Please remember to register when you download it for the first time!
Any issues, please speak to Mrs Kenyon (in the office) about this!