Eldon Primary School

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25th April 15

Welcome to Eldon Primary School                                   Headteacher: Azra Butt

Headteachers' Welcome


Welcome back everyone!  Work has commenced with our new double storey building and I am delighted to say that learning continues to happen in an organised manner in school. Thank you for helping us by accessing the office at the set times.The works are likely to take 6 months to complete.

Clubs resume from next week. Please make a note of which clubs your child attends as this will help the teachers and office staff. After attending a club, children will leave via the double gates from the Infant yard as usual.

We have a brand new ‘two year old’ room in our Nursery! Following the expansion of our Nursery to create additional spaces for two years olds, we have a few places still remaining. Please contact Miss Sykes, Mrs Brooks or Miss Grady in the Nursery to enquire about a place. Please pass this information on to other parents too.

Our whole school attendance  has dipped over the last two months. We are making a concerted effort to turn this around between now and the end of the year. Please  do contact the office if your child is poorly as per our ‘first day response’ system. School will contact you if we do not hear from you. Informal parental contracts are also being set up to address the matter as well as many extra rewards and incentives for individuals and classes of children.

Thank you for attending our ‘World Art Exhibition’ on Wednesday. It was well attended and the children’s creative abilities really did shine. You have until 29th April to view and pay for your child’s picture. Please come to the office and enquire about this if you have not already done so.

Is your child earning all their Golden Time? Thank you for helping your child look smart and get organised for school. Watch out for the letters which might request some support from yourselves. Many thanks for this.