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6th May 16

Welcome to Eldon Primary School             LEP SCHOOL OF THE YEAR!                                Eldon expects the best...Let's be the best that we can be!


On Super learning day we had lots of fun trying out lots of different subjects. Here is a photo of some of us being scientists.

Rocket Science

More than 8,300 schools and educational groups applied to the RHS Campaign for School Gardening Rocket Science project and received their rocket seeds on Monday 18 April.

Our school began the 35-day experiment, growing 100 seeds that have spent six months orbiting the earth, and comparing them to 100 rocket seeds that have not travelled in space. The seed packets are colour-coded, however the pupils will not know which of the two packets is which until after the results of the experiment have been published.

Thank you - 130th Birthday

Event on Sunday 24th April. Despite the weather, it was a well attended and successful event! Thank you to Eldon’s Social Gathering who helped to plan and co-ordinate the event led by Maria.
Past and current pupils, staff, Governors and special guests all had a wonderful time unveiling our new timeline, buying our new time capsule and sharing the display of our old time capsule. The procession went well with the Mr Mayor leading in her mayoral vehicle, our banner (made by children and Ivy Ford) was held by Korede (Head Boy), Ms Williams and myself. Our brass band did us proud, as did our cheer leaders, scientists, African Drummers (Preston Path Finders), Carnival Dancers (organised by Jane Powell) and our St. George Flag carriers.
Thank you to all the businesses who sponsored us: Starbucks, Pizza Hut, Co-op and The Sandwich Shop, M&S too. A big thank you to Harris Library who displayed our old time capsule contents, in our bespoke cabinet.
This week we have shared pictures of the day which can be found on our website and on our twitter feed. Please take a look! Pictures of what we put in our time capsule can also be found on the website. They are all the ideas from all our community members!
Your child will come home with a commemorative medal on the 29th of April which is our gift to each child. They can wear it with pride and think of our wonderful rich history and amazing future!

3 Day week:- 100%

Next week we have a 3 day week! We are challenging all children to achieve 100% next week in their attendance with a surprise on the Friday afternoon! Please help us to achieve this!


We would like to welcome Miss Ejraie to our year one class who is taking on Miss Worsfold's role whilst she has her baby. Also we would like to welcome Miss North, who is training to be a teacher and helping us with our learning in year two.

130th Birthday

Everyone is looking forward to our big day....to celebrate 130 years of achievement at Eldon!

1pm-1.45pm Eldon's Choir and VIP's to attend the school for laying the new time capsule, unveiling the old time capsule display and our new timeline.

1.45pm Procession starts on Henderson Street; Children taking part in the procession to attend in FULL UNIFORM.

2.30pm-4pm Street party on Lowndes Street.


Whole School Photo

Proofs will be sent home with the children on the 24th of March 2016. Please send orders in by 6th April. If you wish to place any orders after this, parents will have to post themselves and will incur extra postage costs. If you wish to take a closer look at a bigger photo before ordering, there’s one in the office to look at!

Ex-Pupils Visit

This week (23rd March 2016) we had eleven ex-pupils who visited our school on Wednesday afternoon. All had attended our school from 1935 to approximately 1960. Many stories were shared, including how we had a brick build shelter at the time of World War 2 on the infant yard, which was big enough for 50 or so children. However, John Whiteside who attended Eldon in 1935, mentioned that if the siren sounded, children were allowed to run home quickly! Another amazing story emerged… David Heslop and his friend went fishing one morning, they were around 11 years old, he spotted something which looked like a barrel. It was in fact, someone who was drowning! Quick as a flash, they decided that they had no time to waste and jumped into the canal to save his life! They managed to pull the man out of the water and then David ran for help. The latter story will appear on our timeline which we are having made.

Key Stage 1 pupils Working With UCLAN

Children in key stage one this term have had an opportunity to work with students from UCLAN and practice their forest skills. They have made animal homes/ dens on Moor park, taken part in team games, mini-beast hunts and in school taken part in making clay birds and learning about their features.

Parents Evening

A big thank you to everyone who attended parents meeting. It was very well attended as 95% of parents took up the opportunity to discuss their child's progress with their child's teacher. THANK YOU!

New Time Capsule Contents

We have of a lot of ideas of what to put in our new time capsule which is going to be buried on Sunday the 24th of April. Here are some of the suggestions from children, parents, staff, governors and community members:

- Commemorative stamps of the Queen's birthday.
- A long scroll of messages from everybody at Eldon
- Newspapers
- Eldon in the news
- Gems from our Gem's project.
- Invitation to our first class tea party
- 130th birthday commemorative photograph
- A child's school sweatshirt with the school logo
- Some currency.


I am devastated to say that our attendance has slipped over the last two weeks. Can we please make a concerted effort to come to school on time and every day from next term.



Who is going to be the Mathletics Champion?

School competition launched.

In these weeks listed below you will compete against another member in your class. A draw will take place every Monday to reveal who you will compete against.
Week 1 – Monday 25th April – Sunday 1st May

Week 2 – Monday 2nd May – Sunday 8th May

Week 3 – Monday 9th May – Sunday 15th May

The winner will get 100 bonus points to their total.

Week 4 – Monday 16th May – Sunday 22nd May

After adding up your points for weeks 1 – 3 this will happen: The top 16 will complete in the quarter finals.

Week 5 – Monday 23rd May – Sunday 29th May

The winners of the quarter finals will compete against each other in the semi finals.

Week 6 – Monday 6th June – Sunday 12th June

The two winners from the semi finals will compete in the final.

Friday 17th June Mathletics Champion announced!

School Closure—23rd June -European Referendum

As discussed with Governors last night, the school will unfortunately be closed to children only on this day due to school needing to be used as a polling station.
The school will be open for all teachers, support staff as normal and it will be used as a training

School’s 130 Birthday celebration

Our 130th Birthday is fast approaching. On Sunday 24th April School’s 130 Birthday celebrations will take place with a procession and Tea Party in Lowndes Street .

School resumes....

School re-opens after the Easter break on Monday the 25th of April at 9am. Please remember the yard is manned daily from 8.45 am. So your children are welcome to come to school from 8.45 onwards.

Assessments:- SATS and Phonics screening

SATs for Year 6 are taking place week commencing 9th May. I cannot emphasise the need for your child to have lots of early nights and plenty of rest as this will help them to concentrate on these final few days before the tests. Year 2 children will also be tested week beginning 23rd May. Again please follow the same advice as we want our children to do well. Year 1 phonics assessments are taking place in week beginning 13th June.

Coming up this Summer term:

The Summer Term is here!
This term we are looking forward to:
-130th Birthday Surprises;
-Being 100% ‘ers for a whole week / term;
-Forest School’s workshops, including using our land on English Martyrs School premises;
-Class assessments;
-Trips and visitors;
-Class Assemblies;
-Super Learning Day—what do we want to be when we grow up?
-Book Fair;
-Healthy Week;
-Sports Day at Preston Sports Arena;
-Move Up Day;
-Better weather!?!