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1st September 14

Welcome to Eldon Primary School                                   Headteacher: Azra Butt

Headteachers' Welcome


We have come to the end of another extremely successful academic year. Time has flown and Eldon School has marched on becoming, I believe, a more effective professional learning community.

Some of our highlights for September 2013— July 2014:

Good to outstanding progress being made in the vast amount of classes; our value added of 102.3 was in the top 3% of the country this year.  With super end of Year 6 results this month we hope the value added figure (which indicated progress made) will be just as high next year! 23% of our Year 6 pupils achieved Level 6 in Maths which is an all-time best for us.

Attendance has risen this year from 94.3% to 95.4% - well done everyone!

Our PA (persistent absentee) rate has been reduced to 3%.

Eldon received the ‘Career Aspiration Award’ and beat two high schools in the LEP Education Awards because of our quality Super Learning Day experience.

 A very successful Nursery, who has just this month achieved the ‘The Step into Quality Mark Award’ – well done Lynne Brooks and your super team!

Our football, athletic, hockey teams have participated in several tournaments and received trophies and highly recommended awards.

Every term, the school puts on an array of approximately sixteen after school enrichment clubs which are very well attended.

Golden Time has been a huge hit which links behaviour, uniform/PE kit, homework, daily reading, attendance and punctuality. Each week, children have been able to earn one hour of an activity that they want to participate in if all eight areas have been achieved.

Our ‘Eldon’s Social Gathering’ have emerged as a super group of parents who have masterminded several, whole school socials and fund raisers – thank you to all of you! We have purchased our defibrillator and it is set to arrive in September; training for key staff has also been organised.

Some events organised this year include: The Grand opening of the yards, The Opening of the Quiet Place, Valentine’s Day 180+ Party, Easter Bonnet Parade, Summer Fair (£1100 raised!) and many more events – thank you Eldon’s Social Gathering!

Everyone who has visited the school has commented on the schools positive ethos and learning environment; we are introducing an extra class for September due to increased demand and we have a further 40 children coming into Reception Class!

Next Steps:

Proposed mini extension with better facilities for extra-curricular learning and intervention work.

The Gem Project to promote children’s thinking skills.

Further opportunities to encourage parental involvement in our school and through learning opportunities.

Our final Leavers Assembly is on Tuesday 22nd July at 9.10a.m. The Oscar Awards Night is now on 21st July at 6.00p.m.