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11th July 20

   Please find all the latest COVID-19 information by clicking on the 'News and Events' tab above and then selecting 'COVID-19'     In An Emergency Please Contact: 01772 253557.   


Latest Opening Information- 3rd June 2020

Many of you will want to know when Eldon will open more broadly?
The Local Authority have confirmed that the earliest now is 15th June.
Mrs Butt will be writing to you on Friday with more information about what school will look like post lockdown.
Please keep a look out on 'Twitter', 'ClassDojo' and also the website under News/Events: COVID-19

What we are doing to keep the ‘Coronavirus’ at bay?

Many of you might be thinking about what we are doing to keep the
‘Coronavirus’ at bay. We are reminding the children to wash their hands after
coming in from outside, before food and after visiting the toilet. We are checking
the news and Public Health England website for daily updates. Thank you for
keeping us up to date with any news about your children and families as this
communication is very important to keep us safe. At the moment we are reviewing
what events/ activities we will be taking part in and we will keep you informed.

Sports Relief

Everyone at Eldon took part in Sports Relief!
Thank you to our children and families for your £1 donations and for supporting this
worthy cause. The children had amazing, active fun enjoying sports on the opposite yard
at break and lunchtimes. Lessons also throughout the day were active too. Thank you
teachers, Mrs Perry and Mrs Dixon!


Our Choir competed at the Marine Hall and took part in the Last
Choir Standing Competition! A HUGE well done for some great participation!

Science Week

It is Science Week this week and children in KS2 (juniors) have a challenge to
complete. Each child will be able to win an Easter Egg for taking part. Children
have to take part in the ’Egg Drop’ Challenge! This is a family challenge with a
completion date of 20th March! In EYFS and the Infants, the children will be able
to design and make an Easter bonnet later in the term.

World Book Day was a super hit.

Thank you for completing the reading pledges and returning these to school. The
raffle for this will be drawn in tomorrow’s assembly. Thank you for encouraging
your children to dress up. Everyone enjoyed themselves. We also launched the
Reading Voice of Eldon Clip on Eldon TV. Well done to Martyna (Yr4) who won
the overall title!

Forest Trips

Year 4 have enjoyed their forest trip this week exploring signs of Spring and
making links with their topic.

Digital Leaders

Well done to our Digital Leaders:
Morgan (Yr5) and Isaac (Yr5)
If you would like to become a DL
Then chat to Mr Aspinall and
Mrs Butt!


Attendance this week!
Attendance within school was
The best classes were
Year 5 98.0% Well Done!
Other Classes:
Year R: 96.0%
Year 1: 95.3%
Year 2 : 95.2%
Year 3: 97.9%
Year 4: 94.8%
Year 6: 94.7%
Whole School attendance since September96.1%

It’s been a terrific week with our French pen pals and their friends and family!

Roberto and Asia have been pen pals with Year 1 and Year 6 children. Their
parents Julia and Aksel as well as Linda and Matteo have been an absolute delight
to have in school. We have spent the week learning about the French culture,
language, traditions and cuisine! Please listen to their interview on the Eldon FM
via our website. We all enjoyed a French dessert made by the children on
Wednesday. Our French friends and Year 2 had a great session at the forest
yesterday afternoon! This morning we will be visiting The Mayor of Preston and
the Harris Library before saying farewell to them and thanking them for being
fabulous guests!

Eldon TV has arrived on the Infant yard!

Do spend a few minutes watching and reading the information on the screen. It’s
going to be another way to find out what is going on in school and what's coming
up too. As well as this we know your child is going to grow in confidence seeing
themselves on the big screen. Thank you for helping us celebrate the great work
we do together. A big thank you to Mr Aspinall for co-ordinating Eldon TV and to
Yasmeen (Sama and Adnan’s mum) for producing and directing the clips.

Our Super Learning Day on ‘It’s Great to be Me/ Celebrating Difference

Day!’ went down a treat! The children acknowledged their similarities and
celebrated their differences. Workshops on Autism, ADHD, Chromosome
Deletion, Egg Intolerance, Cyber Bullying etc. were accessed. A HUGE WELL
DONE to Zane (yr2) and his mummy, Freddie (Yr2), Nathaniel (Yr5), Lewis
(Yr3) and Leo (Yr4) for contributing! Also, some children trailed ‘fencing’ as a
unique sport.

Internet Safety Day

It was Internet Safety Day on Tuesday 11th February. Our children
experienced several workshops on e-safety and how they can look after
themselves on the internet!

The Climate Crisis Committee

The Climate Crisis Committee was raising money for the Australian
bushfires by selling books, and toys at break time. Thank you Shaelynn, Summer,
Ellie-May, Lily, Tanzeela and Rowan for your amazing efforts! They have raised
a grand total of £130 with money still coming in! Well done everyone!

The Reading Voice of Eldon Competition!

I am delighted to announce the winner of ‘The Reading Voice of Eldon’ as
Martyna from Yr4! Along with her teachers and classmates, we are all proud
of Martyna’s amazing reading voice! Very well done Martyna! Your reading clip
will be released next week on Eldon TV!

Parent Gym

Parent Gym is a course we run to help parents with helping their children in many aspects of daily life. Please contact Kirstin and the office staff if you would like to find out more.

Reading Eldon TV Clips

As part of some research for our latest new Eldon TV clips, I have spent some
time hearing children read. We are encouraging children to spend some
quality time practising their reading. All children should have a reading book with
a diary / record book to record their reading on. Please talk to your child’s class
teacher or teaching assistant about your child’s reading needs. Our ‘Reading
Pledges’ have been printed out and we will share these with you in the coming


You have won the Fantastic Books Awards Competition from all the schools in Lancashire! You will receive a years subscription of a children’s comic! Please see the twitter feed for a picture.
Also this month we are launching our very own outdoor TV screen. This will aid communication and also feature school related clips which show the children learning different subjects. We will use this for communication purposes also.

Future Engineers

Year 4 have completed four sessions of ‘Future Engineers’ with UCLAN. They have enjoyed their experiences and learned lots. There is a parent and child course called ‘Let’s Engineer’ which is taking place on Tuesday afternoons . The dates for this are 14th and 21st January.

Educate awards

A handful of us attended the glittering Educate Awards ceremony in Liverpool. We had been shortlisted for ‘The Most Inspirational Primary School’ Award.
Eldon had won the award in 2017. Remarkably, we won again!!!! We celebrated with an
ice cream on Monday and staff treats too. I am so very proud of our talented teams of
teachers, staff, pupils, parents, Governors and our amazing wider community too. It just
shows … hard work, talent and resilience pays off! Thank you for all your congratulations
too. Let’s keep up the fabulous team work and here’s to an AMAZING 2020, when it

Eco bottles

We are making Eco bottles in school! Your child might like to start one at home too.
It’s really simple but you need a lot of patience

Hanbury Pride Award!

It was our pleasure
In awarding Arianna Taylor
With the
Hanbury Pride Award.
After an awful year last year, she has
turned things around and is developing a
fabulous learning attitude.
Well done Arriana, we are very proud!


ELDON has been shortlisted once again for the
prestigious Northwest Educate Awards for ‘Inspirational Primary School’
Award!! We won this award in 2017 and is great that we have been shortlisted
again! It tells us that we are continuing to challenge and inspire our children and
community and we are all working very hard! The Award Ceremony is in November
… Watch this space for more details!

Congratulations to our Librarians:

Amber and Haalah (Yr6), Aminah and Channelle (Yr5), Tanzeela and Martyna (Yr4), Mason H and Sahira (Yr3), Savannah and
Freddie (Yr2), Imogen and Dacey (Yr1).

Congratulations to our Head Boy Oliver Dixon and to our Head Girl Haalah AlGazi!

It was a fiercely competitive election but with each child having a democratic vote, the results were honoured! Well done to all the shortlisted Year 6 pupils. We will be announcing our Deputies very soon. Watch this space!

This years priorities include:

Reading, improving our stamina and comprehension and vocabulary; increasing our fluency in Maths e.g. learning our Times Tables so that we can recall our facts in less than 6 seconds and writing across the Curriculum. We are making sure that our curriculum continues to be broad and balanced.

Health and Safety Reminder:

Please park your car safely, when picking up your
children, or please walk! I was shocked to see a photograph of a car parked,blocking part of Lowndes Street this morning. As a school, we have a duty of care to ensure that our families and children can access the roads and pavements, without any problems. Please help us to keep everyone safe. Thank you.

School Council Announced!

Climate Crisis Management Team
Year 1: Sama and Yaseen
Year 2: Lily and Sylas
Year 3: Sienna and Jacob Bulter
Year 4: Kaylem G and Ellie
Year 5: Kai and Evie
Year 6 Tyler and Shaelynn
This year the School Council is looking at
ways we can make a difference to our
planet. We will be auditing what we are
already doing and giving you ideas for
home too! There will be changes in how
we run our school, so that we look after
our earth!

Out Of School Sport Activities/Clubs

We are reviewing our Curriculum Intent at the moment and Mrs Perry and Mrs Dixon wanted some help from our parents. Please could parents/carers let the office know if their child is involved in any out of school sports or activities clubs? Could you also let us know if you assist at or run sports clubs?

Parent Partnership Certificate

Amazing news, we have received our Parent Partnership Certificate today. Well done everyone and especially to our parents who work well with us.

Reading Buddies

Year 1 recruited some special ‘Reading Buddies’! Some of our older members of the community have joined forces to come in and read regularly with them! Let’s see if our children’s reading habits improve further. Do take a look on the twitter feed for some pictures.

Congratulations’ from the Executive Director of Education and Children’s Services—Edwina Grant OBE,

I have a wonderful letter of ‘Congratulations’ from the Executive Director of Education and Children’s Services—Edwina Grant OBE, who wanted me to thank all of you, our children, Governors and staff for everyone’s ongoing hard work following the release of the TES article showcasing the successful journey of the school over the past 9 years. I hope you have managed to read about it on the TES online magazine and be able to feel very proud of yourselves and indeed the whole school community. You can read it via our twitter feed.

Some spectacular news just in…

We received a letter of CONGRATULATIONS from Rt Hon Damian Hinds (Sec State for Education) and Rt Hon Nick Gibb MP (Minister for School Standards) as our achievement in Maths (2018) was in the top 1% of primary schools in England! I have congratulated all the teachers and especially Miss Lightfoot and Miss Munro who teach in Year 6. Well done to staff, our parents and also our amazing children! Take a look at the letter on our twitter feed!

Primary School Admissions

Deadline: 15th January 2020
Follow the link:
Don’t lose out. Each year some
families are too late in applying and
they miss out
on a place for their child at Eldon.

Eldon App

We are pleased to let you know that we now have a new school App that you can download for free from either the Apple or Google Play app stores.

You can download the app by searching for “Eldon Primary” and download the app that displays our school logo.

Please make sure that you complete the ‘Register Form’ the first time you download the app.

The app provides instant access to term dates, events, newsletters, booking forms, links to the school website, absence form and many more features.

We will also be using the app to send out ‘push notifications’. These are messages that are sent directly to all those parents that have downloaded the app. As push notifications are free for us to send, this may replace our text messaging service at some point.

Diary Dates

Updated dates for this years School Calendar 2019/20

There are some changes for this years School Calendar 2019/20, which I would
like to bring to your attention. Firstly, the Government has changed the May Day bank
holiday from Monday 4th May to Friday 8th May. Secondly, we are now no longer
closed for Polling Days. So school will be open on Thursday 7th May. However, this
means that the school will be closed on Friday 22nd May for an INSET day. Thank you

Science week

It is Science Week and children in KS2 (juniors) have a challenge to
complete. Each child will be able to win an Easter Egg for taking part. Children
have to design a carriage that has got to transport an egg at least 2 metres, without
it breaking! This is a family challenge with a completion date of 20th March!
In EYFS and the Infants, the children will be able to design and make an Easter
bonnet later in the half term.

We have spaces in the Thursday morning Club: ‘Move It’ Morning Club.

Clubs have started! We have spaces in the Thursday morning Club: ‘Move It’
Morning Club. Mrs Dixon is running this and it is a fabulous one to attend.

‘Parent Gym’

After half term we will be resuming our ‘Parent Gym’ sessions which are all about helping our parents with some of the ‘tricky’ aspects of family life. Please chat to me or the office about this course.

Curriculum Maps have been sent out:

Curriculum Maps have been sent out for each class. Please take a look at
these as they have important information about your child’s learning for this half term.

Have you downloaded our new upgraded ParentApp?

Some important communication re: Parent App. You will be receiving an email/text inviting you to upgrade your Parent App. This will have full instructions on downloading and accessing the App. It is essential that we have your current mobile number. If you have recently changed your number, please inform the school office. The current App will not work after 31st July 2019.

Next year I am very excited about some of our planned projects.

We are taking part in two research projects to improve communication with the EEF (Education Endowment Fund) and UCLAN. We are also planning links with pupils abroad. I am continuing discussions with the Local Authority, for a ‘base camp’ for extended learning opportunities, at Eldon Forest. These are just some of our ideas thus far.

Eldon’s Breakfast Besties!

National School Breakfast Programme
23rd April 2019— 31st March 2020
“Meet your mate at half past eight,
Eat a bagel and feel great!”
We have been invited to take part
in a breakfast programme which extends to all children over the course of the week.
The following classes will be able to come into school at 8.30a.m. for some bagels and milk:
Tuesdays: Reception & Year 4
Wednesdays: Nursery & Year 3
Thursdays: Year 1 & Year 5
Fridays: Year 2 & Year 6
The above will not affect our normal breakfast club which takes place daily from 8.00a.m for £2 for breakfast of toast and cereal (and porridge in winter months).

Come and join ‘The Friends of Eldon’ for a coffee and a chat at Eldon House with Mrs Tomlinson.

Come ‘Chat’ with Us!
Come and have a Coffee or Tea
With the ‘Friends of Eldon’
Every Tuesday morning
at Eldon House
(meet at the school entrance)
This is your way of helping to run the school.

Parent and toddler Club

‘Parent and Toddler Club’ takes place every Wednesday morning at 9.05a.m.—10.15a.m. Please join us with your youngest children, so that they can meet other young families too. This event takes place in our hall.