Eldon Primary School

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1st July 15

Welcome to Eldon Primary School                                   Headteacher: Azra Butt

Headteachers' Welcome


It’s been a busy and eventful week at Eldon and as always, we have lots of really exciting news to share with you...

Year 1 and Year 2 blew us away with their assembly this morning. Both classes engaged and humoured us with their witty memories of the past 12 months. Well done Miss Dixon, Mrs Hajee, Mrs Sandland and Miss Calvert for a brilliant assembly. Well done everyone! It’s Reception Class Assembly next Friday—parents welcome!

Following a successful round of applications from the children for wanting to be Head teacher for the morning, Mr Moss, the School Council members and I were bowled over with our shortlisted candidates. So much so, we ended up appointing three Headteachers and three Deputy Headteachers! The children were an absolute inspiration and I can’t wait for what they have planned for the school. Get ready everyone, the children are officially in charge ...soon!

Please do come and support the school for its bid to become Primary School of the Year!  Last week we were notified that Eldon has made it onto the shortlist of the Lancashire Evening Post Awards for three categories: ‘Primary School of the Year’, ‘Unsung Hero—Annette Seddon’ and ‘Health and Wellbeing’. The date for your diaries is Tuesday 30th June, 6.30p.m. at the Charter Theatre. This is an open invitation to come along and support the school with it’s great achievements particularly its turning around over the past four years. Please do come along and help make this a very special evening for all. Any children attending—please come along wearing your smart school uniform.

We are evaluating our current policies and practices and where we are as a school. I am writing to request your help. Currently our attendance is below our target of 95%. Also, from next year if any child’s attendance is below 90% this will automatically trigger an involvement from the Pupil Attendance Support Team. This change will come into affect this September 2015. Panel interviews will commence in July with families who are at risk of being fined, based on current attendance and punctuality concerns. At this time we want to raise awareness of the severity of the situation with respect to attendance and punctuality issues, so that families are knowledgeable about the process. We thank you for your co-operation in this matter.